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We’ve all be there! There’s always a slight sense of panic while checking out your online cart for a cruise or airline tickets.  You’ve already just spent a small fortune for your family trip. So, the last thing on your mind is spending the extra money on travel insurance. That is, until you need it!

When is the best time to purchase travel insurance

The fact is, you never know what will happen before, during or after your trip and when it comes to purchasing travel insurance and spending a few extra dollars could save you tens of thousands in the long run.

I’ve long heard that the best time to purchase travel insurance is up to 14 days of making your final trip payment. However, if you’re like me and want to guarantee that you’re covered from day one; here are a few things to consider:


So, when is the Best Time to Purchase Insurance?


The absolute best time to purchase travel insurance is during the booking process! In the past, travelers have either delayed the purchase of travel insurance due to shopping for the best rates or deciding to avoid purchasing a policy all together for the sake of saving money. However, current technology makes it easier than ever to secure a policy that is affordable and best suited for your trip costs. Plus, adding travel insurance into your original trip budget could help to get you more benefits than the delay of purchase.

What You Should Know About Purchasing a Travel Insurance Policy Early


  1. Purchasing Travel Insurance During the Booking Process Saves You Time

Purchasing a policy during check out saves you the time and hassle of applying for quotes from multiple insurance programs. You know the saying time is money? Well, that applies here too. Airlines and Cruise companies have made it easier than ever to get an insurance policy by simply clicking the “I want to protect this trip” check box and adding the insurance cost to your trip tab. Your travel company (Airline, Cruise, Etc.) will likely recommend Allianz as their travel partner and its Easy.Peasy.Done!


  1. Purchasing Travel Insurance During the Booking Process gets you more Benefits

It can happen when you least expect it. One of your children could get sick, a family emergency orthe military has a change of plansat the last minute. Did you know that booking travel insurance during the booking process could qualify you for pre-existing condition exemptions? Yes! If you get sick or something comes up prior to your departure, your travel insurance can start working for you ahead of time. This totally makes it worth it should the unthinkable happen.


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3.   Purchasing Travel Insurance During the Booking Process Doesn’t Have to Be Concrete

The good news is that purchasing a travel insurance policy the day of booking your trip doesn’t mean you’re selling your soul. With Allianz, you have a 10 day grace period to decide if the policy that you’ve chosen is best for you or not. In that 10 days, you can shop around for better pricing or add excursions to your policy that you’ve booked at a later date.


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when is the best time to purchase travel insurance

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