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Thanks for visiting The Daily Impressions. We’re the Redmonds, welcome to the family!

I’m Sierra, the 23 year old Army Wife and mom behind The Daily Impressions Lifestyle Blog. I went to college and graduated with a degree in Media (Broadcast Journalism TV and Radio to be exact) and was dead set on being a correspondent. In 2014, I married my high school sweetheart turned Military Police and I knew that this would change my life forever. After moving to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, I knew that it would be impossible to work in media in the way that I intended. The Media occupation  loves longevity and Military families move every 2-3 years.

After spending a year working jobs like Subway and a full time nanny while pregnant with our son Easten, I discovered blogging one day on Pinterest. With credit to a fellow Army Wife who gave me the courage to write and start my blogging business, I have found a fulfilling career that allows me to support my husband and stay at home with my son.

This blog has taken us to amazing places and helped us meet amazing people along the way. The Daily Impressions Lifestyle Blog was created in 2017 to encourage families to make the best of their Military lifestyles/ duty stations & strengthen family units through travel and other experiences. The passion behind my blog started when I became frustrated with spouses complaining to dislike the military and their duty stations because there was “Nothing to do”. I found that most spouses who did not feel fulfilled or enjoy the lifestyle were either not involved or never left post.


 It is my ultimate goal to be a platform that speaks directly to Military families. I would like to encourage, uplift and inspire them to seek new adventure and get involved as I post new information and ideas weekly that can in turn make their lifestyles more enjoyable experiences. Furthermore, I love showing unwavering support for my fellow creative and entrepreneurial Milspouses & Veterans.

Sierra Redmond Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse Of The Year USAG Miami

I am currently serving as the Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year Base Winner for USAG Miami and use my platform to show Military spouses everywhere that they can live their BEST lives without letting the Military be an excuse. Aside from blogging, I also work as a freelance Journalist at Military Families Magazine and other military/travel publications, Photographer, Military Community Volunteer and more…


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