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My family and I have been traveling for years. While I spare no expense when it comes to my accommodations and experiences, I will admit that I try to remain frugal in some areas and cut costs where I can. In the past, that meant choosing the cheapest flight (non-refundable and at the crack of dawn) or simply skipping the purchase of travel insurance in the name of “saving money”. That was until we took our first trip out of the country.  That’s when I really decided to dive deep into what travel insurance would mean to us as a family.

Unfortunately, the fact of the matter is that life goes on while you’re out busy traveling. Imagine suffering an accident while overseas and needing medical attention or worse. Or, imagine planning the trip of a lifetime to Europe only to find out that your spouse’s unit “needs” them after you’ve already paid for the trip. This is not to be dramatic…these things CAN and WILL happen. You thought you were saving money but a simple travel insurance policy could save you thousands should the unthinkable happen while on vacation. Without a question, I booked with Allianz Travel insurance during our  trip out of the country. I haven’t looked back since. You truly can’t put a price on peace of mind.

So, learn why Military families (or anyone) should consider Purchasing Travel Insurance before your next vacation.

How Does Travel Insurance Work?

Allianz  Travel Insurance is an American based company that has been helping to give American travelers security for global travel for over 100 years via their parent company Allianz. In fact, over 35 million people use their services because they are have proven themselves to be a travel industry leaders. Allianz is dedicated to the care and assistance of their customers. Allianz serves their clients through per trip for the once in a while traveler or annual travel insurance plans for the jetsetter always on the move.

Travel insurance is a plan that you purchase to protect yourself and your trip from small scale to large scale issues that may occur while traveling which ultimately leads to saving you hundreds to thousands of dollars in hardship should something happen. This means avoiding financial losses and risks that are associated with day to day life while traveling …or if you enjoy living on the adventurous side. Having insurance allows you to pay a small fee upfront that covers you and lets you claim losses and inconveniences. This includes: loss or delay in luggage at the airport, cancelling a last minute trip (which can happen more than you think especially for Military families).  It also includes medical emergency outside of your insurance provider’s network while overseas.

Steps to Cover Your Travel

  1. Purchase Travel Insurance While Booking Your Travel Plans or Prior to Trip Departure
  2. Should the Unthinkable Happen, File A Claim online or via The Free Travel Smart App
  3. Submit Proof of your Loss
  4. Allow the Allianz Global Team to Verify the Loss
  5. You are Reimbursed for your Losses according to your selected Insurance Plan

The optimal time to purchase your insurance is while you are booking travel or at least 14 days before. This window allows you to be covered by the pre-medical benefit. To learn more about the benefits of Travel insurance or figure out which plan is best for your travel, click HERE!

Military Travel Insurance and Coverage with Allianz Travel Insurance

Allianz Travel Insurance values service members and their families. They understand that the lifestyle sometimes means cancelling a trip at moment’s notice when duty calls. A revision was added to the Military clause that covers not only the service member but those affected by change. This includes: dependents and travel companions.


Military Travel Insurance Clause

The statement reads “You, a travel companion or a family member serving in the US Armed Forces is reassigned or has personal leave status changed, except because of war, the war powers act, or disciplinary action”. Any changes to your travel due to the service member, makes you eligible to file a claim.

Choosing An Insurance Policy for Your Family

Choosing a plan that best fits your needs as a family Is the most important step. You have 10 days to review your policy and make sure it provides the coverage you need. If it doesn’t, you can cancel for a full refund or your policy premium. Click HERE to watch a comprehensive video about how to read and review your certificate of insurance and be sure that you’ve selected the appropriate plan.

I hope that you and your family take actionable steps and purchase travel insurance before your next vacation. To learn more about Allianz Travel Insurance, visit their website at

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