Finding spring break ideas for families can be tough. As spring break is drawing near, families everywhere are on a hunt to find fun places to take kids on vacation while they have time off school. For many families, this is the perfect time to get away for a week and enjoy some needed down time before the last few weeks of the school year.

However, if you’re anything like us, you would like to avoid the traditional spring break locations and skip the college crowds. So, I’ve put together a good mix of common and out of the box family spring break vacations for you to consider while planning your spring break vacation.

Spring Break Ideas for Families Looking to Getaway

Spring Break Ideas for Families: Cruise to the Caribbean

Spring Break Ideas for Families Looking to Getaway

While I’ve mentioned before that we ALWAYS choose to cruise in the off season because we have a toddler, a cruise can sometimes be a good idea. Cruising is a fun place to take kids on vacation that requires very minimal planning. Being that cruises are all inclusive, you don’t have to worry about finding places for dinner or finding the perfect hotel room. You simply choose your destination, book your ticket and GO!

The only planning required is choosing an excursion and if you don’t want to, you don’t even have to do that. Best of all, while you and your spouse enjoy much needed downtime, you children can spend some off time in a kid’s club. You all can spend as much time together or apart as needed. As another bonus, you can choose to take a cruise that will last the entire week or take a short weekender style cruise that only lasts three to four days. By doing this, you’ve traveled and gotten it out of the way and you can return home to relax for the rest of spring break.

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Spring Break Ideas for Families: Orlando, Florida

Spring Break Ideas for Families Looking to Getaway

I know what you’re thinking. There will be a million people trying to make their way to Orlando for spring break. However, Orlando is one of the best family vacation destinations. It pretty much tops the list for all the attractions you could want in an area. If your children have an earlier spring break than most, you may be able to swing a trip to one of the iconic theme parks in the area and decent room rates (Click HERE to find out where to stay in Orlando) .

If their spring break is later or at the same time as most districts, keep in mind that Orlando has a ton of off the beaten path attractions to offer. A trip to Orlando doesn’t always need a visit to Disney World or Universal Studios. Pretty much any attraction you can think of, they offer. Plus, being situated in central Florida puts you an hour and a half or less from 5 of Some of Florida’s most popular beaches.

Spring Break Ideas for Families Looking to Getaway

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If a crowded area is not your thing but Florida still sounds amazing and convenient to you for your family spring break, there are a ton of other great cities for you to visit. For less crowded Florida cities, consider:  Coco Beach, Cape Canaveral, Jacksonville, Tampa or Miami.

Miami is typically recognized as the queen of crowded Florida cities especially during spring break. However, Miami deserves credit for being one of the best family vacation destinations.  There are tons of non- touristy spots to visit, museums and private beaches that allow you to get away from the tourists and college crowds.

Spring Break Ideas for Families Looking to Getaway

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Spring Break Ideas for Families: Washington DC

Spring Break Ideas for Families Looking to Getaway

Who said that spring break couldn’t be fun and educational? What better way to experience spring break than to visit a city full of history and free kid friendly things to do! Washington, DC is by far one of the best family vacations on a budget. There’s no chance that you will run out of things to do that are geared toward school aged children.  Plus, you avoid the costs of spending money on activities. With a ton of national monuments and even more Smithsonian’s, you can engage your child’s learning during their break by having them see first- hand what they are learning in their history books.

They are sure to return to school with amazing stories to tell. As a bonus, Washington DC is beautiful in the spring time. You could park the car and walk for hours under the iconic cherry blossom trees.

For our suggestion of fun places to take kids on your vacation to the Nation’s Capital, click HERE to read our Family Friendly Guide to Washington, DC with Kids.

Spring Break Ideas for Families Looking to Getaway

If you’re feeling adventurous, head south 2 hours to Jamestown, Virginia. This is the perfect opportunity for your children to see the beginnings of America first hand. Another option is heading north of DC to the national harbor or Baltimore. While National Harbor has fun and scenic shops and restaurants for the entire family, Baltimore offers a ton of kid friendly activities. Baltimore hosts the National Aquarium, Maryland Zoo and a plethora of museums and discovery centers. This is a family spring break idea that won’t disappoint.

Spring Break Ideas for Families: Cross Country Train Ride

Spring Break Ideas for Families Looking to Getaway
Picture Provided by Amtrak

Who said you have to pick a destination to travel to? Taking a cross country or regional train ride could make for a great spring break vacation on a budget or an affordable vacation for large families. Companies like Amtrak constantly offer discounted travel like their friends and family deals which allows you to buy one and save 50% off for up to 5 additional tickets. Amtrak also offers specialty train rides based on the holiday/season. Click HEREto learn more about Amtrak deals.

Spring Break Ideas for Families:  San Antonio, Texas

Spring Break Ideas for Families Looking to Getaway

San Antonio, Texas is an underrated getaway that you should consider for your family’s spring break trip. This central Texas city is bursting at the seams with a mashup of culture, southern hospitality, amazing food (Click HERE to read our Food Guide to San Antonio) and tons of activities for the family to enjoy. San Antonio is the home of Six Flags Fiesta Texas, SeaWorld San Antonio, the Riverwalk and a ton of historical sites (many of which are free like the Alamo).

 During the spring, San Antonio also hosts a ton of cultural events and festivals such as Fiesta San Antonio. Here, you’ll find colorful and cultural parades around the city and on the Riverwalk. You’ll also get top notch texmex cuisine, and the experience of a lifetime.

Visiting San Antonio is another amazing way to teach your children first- hand about what they are learning in their social studies classes. Historical sites in the city tells the story of Texas’s succession from Mexico and journey to finding its independence while keeping the culture alive.

Keep in mind that Texas is huge and offers a ton of family friendly destinations to make a road trip. If a trip to the beach is what you’re longing for, you can travel south to San Padre Island or Corpus Christie to get your water fix. Austin is also within driving distance and here you’ll find more of a city vibe with an artsy scene and tons of kid friendly activities.

With these 5 Great Spring Break Ideas for Families, you’re sure to have a great time. Where do you like to travel for a family spring break vacation?

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