When traveling, we often consider the costs of transportation to and from the destination and the amount of money you plan to spend during your trip. Budgeting often includes rental cars, accommodations, activities and food. However, a cost that is often forgotten about is parking.

When we lived in Miami for two years, our journey was simple. We left our car at home and grabbed an Uber to the airport. Now, we’re living in rural Missouri sitting the nearest airport at almost 2 hours away. All of a sudden, airport parking is an expense for us and it can easily send our travel budget in a downward spiral the longer we stay on our vacation. This doesn’t even consider how stressful it can be to find a good and secure parking spot at the airport. This was until we discovered an amazing parking service called The Parking Spot. With that in mind, here are 3 reasons to use The Parking Spot on Your Next Vacation.

The Parking Spot: The best airport parking alternative

We were gifted one week of free parking by The Parking Spot. However, all opinions are my own.


What Is The Parking Spot?

3 Reasons to Use The Parking Spot on Your Next Vacation

The Parking Spot is a safe and convenient way to park and your vehicle near the airport during your travels for both long and short periods of time. Their company leads the airport park and ride industry as one of the best in the United States and has done so for 20 years. They can be distinguished by a yellow bus with black spots all over and even though I had seen their signs before, I had no clue what amazing services and incentives they offered until we tried them for our Hawaii trip.

Top 3 reasons to consider using the parking spot during your next vacation and why we will continue to use them for our travels.


How Much Does The Parking Spot Cost? 

3 Reasons to Use The Parking Spot on Your Next Vacation the parking spot app

Airport parking can be super expensive depending on how long you’re planning to stay away. At most US airports, you’re looking at $20 a day and upward to keep your vehicle. The parking spot offers competitive cheap airport parking rates. You have a choice of which kind of parking suites your taste. Covered parking is around $20 while uncovered is around $14. You can also self-park or valet which is at little to no extra cost. The price you pay includes your spot, shuttle service to and from the airport, luggage assistance and outstanding customer service.


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Keep in mind that most airports that offer The Parking Spot have more than one location. You’ll want to choose the location that’s fits your needs and remember that price may vary based on the location that you’ve chosen. The prices that I mentioned above were how much it costs at my local airport (St. Louis) at Parking Spot location 1 which is 2 minutes from the airport departure and arrival drop off terminal.Some locations even offer airport long term parking for a flat rate.

What amenities come with the price of Parking?

3 Reasons to Use The Parking Spot on Your Next Vacation parking spot prices

When you park your car before vacation, you’re basically paying a sum of money for your car to sit in one spot for the duration of the trip. However, the parking spot offers a surprising list of amenities to take care of your car while you’re off enjoying a holiday. When choosing your parking preference on The Parking Spot App, it will also give you the choice to add on extras. Extras include car care services.

For a small additional fee, you can have your car washed and cleaned while you are away. Some locations even offer oil change services if that’s something you need.  We did not use these services on our trip but I could see doing so in the future during pollen season. There’s nothing like returning home from your vacation to a clean car.



3 Reasons to Use The Parking Spot on Your Next Vacation parking spot airport pickup

The Parking Spot won me over because of how accessible it is. I know that parking at the airport seems convenient but we all know that airport parking is a chaotic mess. For us, there was something refreshing and stress free about grabbing our bags and heading for a shuttle to get to our vehicle right outside the airport.

It took 10 extra minutes for us to get in our car and head home than it would have if we parked at the airport. This is due in part to the fact that shuttles run every 5 to 7 minutes. We missed a shuttle when grabbing our bags but there was no panic because another one had arrived as we walked out of the airport.

Is The Parking Spot Safe to Use? 

The garages are also open 24/7. Whatever time you arrive or depart from the airport, you’ll  have access to your car and a shuttle service. Another reason that I enjoyed The Parking Spot is because we felt safe. Safety is a HUGE deal to me because we travel with a small child. When we arrived at our Parking Spot location, the shuttle was waiting for us.  The driver even assist us with bags while we got the baby on board. While  I’m usually sketched out by a parking garage at night, this one was well lit and secure. I never once felt unsafe or second guessed my car. The process was quick and we were transported to the airport in no time at all.

If you’ve never tried The Parking Spot, I highly suggest you do so for your next trip. There are over 38 locations in 22 cities and you will not regret the service that you will receive . 


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