It’s Almost FALL! I mean it’s so close I can feel it! Ever since my calendar said September, all I can think about is going to pumpkin patches, drinking hot chocolate and my very unhealthy obsession with candles that smell like pies. Fall is my absolute favorite season! It’s also a great time to do some family bonding, revisit why you’re grateful for one another and make some AWESOME memories. That’s why I’ve created a FALL FAMILY BUCKET LIST to help you and your family have the perfect fall season together. Stay to the end for a FREE “Let’s Give Thanks” Printable Activity!


10 things to add to your family bucket list this fall

Decorate Together

Decorate your home with all things FALL I love a good challenge and this can be a fun way to get some family competition going. Assign different areas in your home, have a door decorating contest or do crafts together…It’s up to YOU! The best part about it is, it doesn’t have to be expensive. There are plenty of seasonal items at Dollar Trees.

The Fall Family Fun Bucket List is a list of fall families activities encouraging families to build stronger relationships, find gratitude and remember the real meaning of the holiday season. Use this fall family bucket list to create the memories of a lifetime!

Make Snacks or Have a Bake Off

Is it me or does food taste better in the fall? I mean really, it gives you the opportunity to bust out the mixing bowls and make sweet treats. One of my favorite things to do is bake cookies and have hot chocolate for a family movie night. More of an outdoor person? Have a BONFIRE ! mmm s’mores…

Attend A Fall Festival 

Most communities offer a fall festival that is cheap enough for the whole family to enjoy. You can find games, mini pumpkin patches, food and more. Check with local schools, community centers or social media to see if a fall festival is coming to a city near you!

Attend A Football Game

Fall means Friday Night Lights! If sports are your thing then take the family to a football game. Professional is a bit on the pricy side. Support your local college or high school team. Don’t forget to bring the school spirit!

The Fall Family Fun Bucket List is a list of fall families activities encouraging families to build stronger relationships, find gratitude and remember the real meaning of the holiday season. Use this fall family bucket list to create the memories of a lifetime!

Go to a Pumpkin Patch…Then have a Carve Fest

Can we all agree that pumpkin patches are so much fun? Take a day the find the perfect pumpkins with your family. This is an activity that even the smallest kids can enjoy. After getting your perfect pumpkin, you can either carve, decorate or paint them. Some of my favorite tutorials can be found on Pinterest.

Take a Hay Ride

I will never forget my first hay ride. I was in the first grade and my school had taken a field trip to a pumpkin patch. I thought it was the coolest thing ever to be riding on a hay pulled tractor. To tell you the truth it’s even MORE fun as an adult! Hay rides are perfect for the whole family but don’t worry, if you haven’t gotten there yet, they make the PERFECT fall date night…Guys take notes!

Take Fall Family Pictures

Fall is hands down my favorite time to take pictures. The scenery is perfection with such vibrant tree colors. This makes the perfect backdrop for a family photo. All you have to do is find the perfect scenic spot in your town to take pictures . If you’re short on time the yard at your home will work just fine. Keep the fallen leaves…It’s much more fun!

Do Halloween…Family Style

Having a hard time picking different costumes for all your kids? No Problem !  Go with a family theme. It’s just easier to organize. Plus the kids will get a kick out of seeing their parents in costume. If you’re more fancy DIY IT! Bust out your creative side and go all out.

fall Family Fun Bucket List

Cook Thanksgiving Dinner TOGETHER

Why let mom do all the work? Cooking is fun and a great way to bring the entire family together. Even the smaller kids can have a simple task like butter the rolls or stir the punch. A family that cooks together stays together so put those little chefs to work!

Make a list of reasons why you’re GRATEFUL

The holiday season is all about love, giving and appreciation. Take a few moments out of your day to write down why you’re grateful. Did you receive something? Do you appreciate your family? Write it down! Then, share a couple of those reasons with your family.

For more fall inspiration, check out ” 9 States to Fall in Love with Fall Foliage” 

Pin The Complete Bucket List Below and click HERE to get your FREE “Let’s Give Thanks” Printable Activity!

The Fall Family Fun Bucket List is a list of fall families activities encouraging families to build stronger relationships, find gratitude and remember the real meaning of the holiday season. Use this fall family bucket list to create the memories of a lifetime!




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45 thoughts on “10 Things to Add To Your Family Bucket List This Fall”

  1. Thanks so much! Fall can always be fun and you can do fun activities outside without dying of heat exhaustion

  2. Fall is my absolute favorite. It just makes me happy inside! The smells, the fun activities, the colors – I wish it would stay that way all year. You hit the nail on the head with some of the must-dos for fall – my family and I love doing these things 🙂

  3. Have a great time competing yours! I will do a recap on mine for sure!! Also, follow us on social media to watch us cross some off our list

  4. Amy,
    Yes! I feel the same way. I automatically felt different when I knew that fall was getting closer. I get that feeling of happiness about the entire holiday season. I also wish it could be fall all year but we live in south Florida so unfortunately, we miss the cool air and changing trees

  5. I plan on doing a lot of fall activities with my 3yrs old son. I plan on painting pumpkins and going to fall festivals downtown where we live. I’m open to trying some things you have listed here.

  6. Thanks for stopping by!I always encourage families and individuals to create bucket lists. You want to have a plan and things to look forward to in life.

  7. Thanks for reading! 3 is a fun age, he will have a blast! My son is only 1 so he won’t remember much but its always fun to create memories that he can look back on

  8. Thanks for reading! Dollar tree goes on the list of my favorite places ever. They literally have everything you need to temporarily decorate for the season.

  9. Thanks for reading! I agree and can’t wait to pick up some things for our house. Even though Florida doesn’t really care about fall lol

  10. Thanks so much! I’m glad I could get you in the spirit of fall. Be sure to tag us if you participate in the Bucket list challenge

  11. Thanks so much! Fall is my favorite too, not too cold and not too hot. Also, best time of the year for family activities.

  12. What a great list and it is SO adorable too! We still have some pretty warm weather where we live, but I can’t wait to start some fall activities!!!

  13. I seriously went to Walmart today to pick up a few of their seasonal kitchen towels for like $.88 So I’m excited about the fall even though it’s scorching hot outside!!

  14. This an awesome list. I cannot wait to do pumpkin patch this year. I always enjoy taking my kids to pumpkin patch. The smell of the fall is just different , there’s something about it. And the family pictures it’s akways gorgeous. Thank you for sharing this awesome list.

  15. So many good ideas!! My favorite is cooking Thanksgiving dinner together. I might steal that one this year I could use the help haha!

  16. Thanks so much for reading! I think we can ALL use a few hands in the kitchen. Not sure how the food will turn out but either way it will create a memory haha

  17. We just started decorating for fall and I love it! We always wait until after my husbands birthday (which happens to literally be the first day of fall according to our calendars). We hit Target dollar spot and the Dollar Tree last weekend. I think those are the best places for fall decorations!

  18. Thank you! We are expecting to move out of the country soon as well and I’m sure that I will miss the pumpkin patches but I hear fall in Europe is magical! Have fun completing your list! Tag us in pics of the snack attack haha

  19. Thanks for your comment! He has such a cool birthday . We also love dollar tree and don’t get me started with target dollar spot. My husband has to pull me out of there every time we go to target. Everything about that store just makes me happy!

  20. We can’t wait either! Fall is just perfect. It’s literally the perfect weather and the perfect scenery. Be sure to tag us in your Fall Family Pictures!

  21. So I am not the only one who gets excited about $.88 dish towels? Okay! Because my husband thinks I’m a crazy person lol You can never have enough dish towels.

  22. Thank you! I hope you get to participate. We live in Miami so fall doesn’t exactly exist haha. Fake it till you make it! We will still go to pumpkin patches and do other fall things…just in shorts. We are planning a trip to Georgia next month to do all things fall.

  23. What a great challenge for families!! I have actually been wanting to do a Fall couples shoot with the hubs for years. Maybe this year will be the one 🙂

  24. Love this list of things to do as a family in fall! Especially the food and decorating parts. Wish we had pumpkin patches as easy to find as you do in the Uk! Love, xo

  25. Thanks so much! We are having such a good time completing our bucket list! Have you been able to do any of the items on the list? Hopefully we will be able to experience fall in the UK next year. I would love that experience!

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