Aulani, A Disney’s Resort and Spa is a Luxury family friendly destination and Resort on the Island of Oahu, Hawaii. Whether you’re staying on the Disney property or anywhere else in Oahu with kids (Maybe you’re a child at heart), you may want to visit the property at least once and take advantage of Disney Magic without being at the Parks. Hawaii can be an expensive trip with the cost of airfare, accommodations, food and activities and you may be wondering “Is Disney’s Aulani Character Breakfast at Makahiki worth the Price?” or the extra expense on your trip. The short answer is YES! We recently visited Disney’s Aulani Character Breakfast at Makahiki for our son’s 3rd birthday and it was easily the best decision we could have made.

Here’s why and some information you should know before booking.

This post is sponsored by Oahu Visitors Bureau and Aulani, A Disney Resort and Spa. However, all opinions and pictures are my own!  For more information on our policies click HERE.

Is Disney’s Aulani Character Breakfast at Makahiki Worth the Price? We've broken down everything you need to know about this breakfast at Aulani. You don't have to be a guest of the resort to have a reservation here! #aulani #aulanicharacterbreakfast


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I’ve spoken on the blog before about How to Experience the Magic of Disney without visiting the Parks and one of those ways was attending Character Breakfast or dining experiences. Let me tell you, attending the Makahiki Character Breakfast at Aulani was no less magical than the parks. In fact, I loved this even more. We ate great food, didn’t need to stand in line for hours to meet our favorite characters and no Florida humidity (This is every parent’s dream).

Aulani Character Breakfast at Makahiki: Aunty’s Breakfast Celebration

The Character Experiences: Aulani Character Breakfast at Makahiki

mickey character breakfast at Makahiki

goofy character breakfast at Makahiki

From the start of your visit on property to the end, there is no shortage of character interaction. You’ll start your breakfast experience by waiting in line to see and take photos with the man himself, Mickey Mouse. By line, I mean more of a short wait. This is by no standards a Disney Park line. In fact, more than half the wait is inside the building and you’ll be done 20 minutes or less. The photo pass photographers will capture your magical moment and they are even willing to take your pictures with phones or cameras.

Inside the breakfast, you’ll have access to even more characters like Minnie, Goofy and Pluto. The characters are guaranteed to come around to each and every table. This means you’ll have time to enjoy your breakfast and get a crowd free picture with each Disney character. It’s an amazingly stress free experience and I was impressed by how much time our son got to spend with his favorites.

The Entertainment: Aunty’s Breakfast Celebration at Makahiki

aunty performing at aunty's breakfast celebration aulani  

At Aulani’s Character Breakfast, you get much more than character meet and greets. The Disney Difference shines through here. From the moment you enter the open air restaurant, the show begins. There’s live music, character performances and parades…Never a dull moment. The entire experience is interactive. You and your family can get up and dance or parade around the restaurant with some of your favorite characters. If you attend the Makahiki character breakfast while celebrating a special day, you’ll receive a pin (just like the parks) and the staff will be sure to celebrate you if you let them know what you’re celebrating.

The songs that you’ll hear Aunty sing are original to this resort and they sound of Hawaiian flare. If you’re wondering who Aunty is, she’s pretty- famous around property. Guests staying on Aulani property have free access to stay at the kid’s club named Aunty’s Beach House. If character breakfast is any indication of what they’ll experience at the kid’s club, they will have an amazing time.

The Food: Aulani Character Breakfast at Makahiki

aulani character breakfast at Makahiki plate

The character breakfast at Makahiki is a buffet style foodie lover’s paradise. You’ll have access to multiple buffets full of classic American breakfast favorites like: Made to order omlettes, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage and pancakes. There are traditional Asian foods to try. Another station has sweet treats and fresh island fruits. Finally, nothing says Disney breakfast like the famous mickey waffles in red velvet and traditional. I’m not sure if Disney played a trick on us or not but anything Mickey shaped tastes AMAZING.

aulani character breakfast at Makahiki plate and passion orange guava juice

The best part about this buffet is that its endless. You may arrive for breakfast at the 9:00 reservation but you could sit there til 11 and enjoy multiple rounds of amazing breakfast. Drink options are traditional coffee, hot chocolate, orange juice and milk. However, there are traditional island specialties as well. Tip: If you’re looking for an island flare, ask for (POG) or Passion Orange Guava juice.This juice is so good and worth the try. Although, you’ll be addicted and want to take a carton home with you.

The Staff: Aulani, A Disney Resort and Spa

Although this isn’t an official category, it is worth mentioning that the staff members are so kind. There’s something that we all expect from a visit to Disney and its outstanding customer service and experiences. This is the “Disney Difference”. Everyone was so kind and helpful and really made an enjoyable experience for everyone there.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Aulani Character Dining Experience

How much does the Aulani Character Breakfast Cost?

At $41 for Adults (10+) and $21 for Kids (3-9), the character breakfast at Aulani can seem like a bit of a splurge for a larger family. Although pricy, I can assure you that you get a ton of bang for your buck. You’ll have the experience of a lifetime, unlimited character experiences, amazing food and top notch customer service.

Do you have to stay at Aulani to have Character Breakfast at Makahiki?

No, we actually did not stay on property and were still able to attend the character breakfast. As a visitor, we had access to all dining options on property, take awesome pictures with the characters that walk around the resort, shop for Disney merchandise and visit the beach nearby. Although, you are not allowed to use the lagoon, snorkeling, childcare or any other guest amenities. The good news is, your parking can be validated for attending Makahiki character breakfast or any other dining experience.

character breakfast at Makahiki

What characters are at Aulani?


During the character dining, you’ll have a chance to see: Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Pluto. However, if you stay a while and explore the property, you’ll find characters like: Moana, Donald, Daisy, and Hawaiian inspired Stitch and Moana.

Can You Buy Character Photos?


You can purchase a photo pass just like the Disney Parks. However, most photo pass photographers are willing to take your camera or phone and snap a shot for you to save some money.

In the end, visiting the Aulani, A Disney Resort and Spa for a character dining experience is certainly worth the price. I would highly recommend adding this experience to your family friendly Oahu, Hawaii itinerary and you won’t regret it.

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