We are major foodies here in the Redmond household. Well, I am and it kind of rubbed off on my husband. We are always looking for the best food and the hidden gems of each city we visit. I also go after the “Instaworthy” meals and I have no shame whipping out that camera. I’m interested in what’s good on yelp but I also want to know what the locals recommend. Sometimes, I have my foodie stops planned- out before I choose our attractions…okay, all the time. As most of our readers know, we LOVE getting away to Orlando. It’s such a loveable destination! So, on our last few visits, I have been on a quest to find a few of the most Drool Worthy Places to Eat in Orlando. I promise, whichever restaurant you choose to visit on your trip to Orlando, you won’t be disappointed in these Orlando restaurants. Not only is the food amazing, they are also cost effective so it won’t put a dent in your vacation budget…let’s get started!

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Headed to Orlando and unsure of where to eat? We've listed our most favorite restaurants in Orlando, Florida. #bestorlandorestaurants #restaurantsinorlando

Places to Eat in Orlando: 4 Rivers Smokehouse

The one that we visited was in the Winter Garden neighborhood. We were on a quest to find some good barbecue and this place was Amazing! So much so that I don’t think I can ever go to Orlando again without making this place one of my stops, it’s that good! The Orlando restaurant has an indoor/outdoor type farmhouse atmosphere making it perfect for family dining. My mouth literally watered walking down the line to choose my dinner.

6 Drool Worthy Places to Eat in Orlando

There are literally so many options but after much deliberation with the frequent customers, we decided on the pulled pork dinner and the sausage link dinner. Neither one of these items disappointed! The pulled pork was so tender and juicy and the BBQ sauce is perfection. I love a good mix of sweet and tangy. My husband had the sausage link and we were pleasantly surprised by the fact that they gave him the entire link. The portions are great! I won’t lie, I was concerned that since the meat was so good, the sides wouldn’t be as great but I was pleasantly surprised by them as well. Oh, and please don’t leave without dessert! There were so many options to choose from and I got a coconut cake bomb that was so dreamy!

6 Drool Worthy Places to Eat in Orlando


4 Rivers Smokehouse

1047 S Dillard St
 Winter Garden, FL 34787

Places to Eat in Orlando: Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Feast Kitchen-Universal City Walk

Doesn’t the name just sound like it’s gonna be good? Toothsome Chocolate Emporium was a very pleasant surprise for us. With a specialty in Desserts, I didn’t have such high hopes for the food but it was at this Orlando restaurant  that we found the burger of all burgers. The “Might Contain Bacon” will make you drool for sure. It has Bacon…need I say more? Just kidding, it also has a Pretzel bun with a half- pound patty, grilled pork belly, Pineapples, and chipotle jack cheese. I am literally hungry just thinking about it!

6 Drool Worthy Places to Eat in Orlando

I would be remiss to not tell you about our dessert, after all, it is their specialty. After stuffing ourselves with the delicious burger and fries, we headed downstairs for a specialty milkshake. There were so many options but we ended up choosing the strawberry cheesecake milkshake to share. This is not your typical shake, it comes with a slice of cheesecake and chocolate covered strawberry…How yum is that? However, be prepared to spend a pretty penny for it. At $12.50 this dessert is a costly experience but so worth it! I am dying to get back and try Key Lime Pie.


6 Drool Worthy Places to Eat in Orlando

Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Feast Kitchen

6068 Universal Blvd, 

Orlando, FL 32819

Places to Eat in Orlando: Holler and Dash Biscuit House-Celebration

Holler and Dash’s name speaks for itself. You’re gonna holler when you realize how good it is and dash because it’s a quick bites restaurant. Yes, they do specialize in biscuits. This is not your average biscuit, they are handmade with love and you really do taste a difference. Holler and Dash was our breakfast pick before heading to Disney and I did the happy dance every time I put the fork to my mouth. As I enjoy a sweeter breakfast treat, I choose the Strawberry and Dash which is a Biscuit with Whipped Creole cream cheese, strawberries, and whipped cream with a side of bacon.

6 Drool Worthy Places to Eat in Orlando

My husband is more traditional so he indulged in a Kickback Chicken which is Fried chicken, goat cheese, green onion, and sweet pepper jelly with a kick. He raved about how good and fresh the chicken and the biscuit was and how the flavors went so well together. Our son enjoyed a regular chicken biscuit with cheese and even that was amazing…I snuck a piece or two.

6 Drool Worthy Places to Eat in Orlando

Holler and Dash Biscuit House

6268 W Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy

Celebration, Fl 34747

Places to Eat in Orlando: Hash House A Go Go- International Drive

Hash House A GoGo is where you want to go for outrageously portioned food. After drooling all over their Instagram page the night before, I woke up, put on my fat pants aka leggings and started my day.   Here you get all the bang for your buck! For the food to be so amazing and be recognized for so many awards, I was thrilled to find out that there was no wait. We walked right in and sat right down.

6 Drool Worthy Places to Eat in Orlando

Because I’m daring, I went for their famous chicken and waffles. This is NOT your ordinary chicken and waffles, it was a MOUNTAIN and omg did it taste good. The waffles have bacon cooked inside them and that was good enough for me to order it. Then there’s the rosemary fried chicken breasts. I have never had rosemary chicken but it gave it such a unique taste and aroma that I enjoyed. Then I poured the maple syrup on it and there you go, heaven on a very large plate.


6 Drool Worthy Places to Eat in Orlando

My husband enjoyed the Hash House famous meatloaf which comes with roasted red peppers, fresh spinach, and smoked mozzarella. He talked about how it was so good and we were both amazed about how much food we both got for the price. We have a sacred foodie vow to never order the same meal at the same time so we can both experience something different and taste each other’s food. As a warning, Hash House does not have a rule against plate sharing and I would seriously advise you to share because the portions are a BEAST!

Hash House A GoGo

 5350 International Drive

Orlando, Fl 32819

Places to Eat in Orlando:Kekes Breakfast Café’

6 Drool Worthy Places to Eat in Orlando

If you follow us on Instagram then you know that brunch is the most important meal of the day. Who doesn’t love a good brunch? That’s why Keke’s Breakfast Café’ made it to the list. They are open every day from 7 to 2:30 in multiple central Florida locations for us late risers out here and the breakfast menu is great.  I personally love the Florida waffle which is a Belgian waffle covered with whipped cream and fresh fruits. I have also had the French toast topped with fresh fruit and it was the perfect delightful start to my morning. Oh, and here we are talking about bacon again…its crispy! My husband enjoyed a breakfast omelet and it was great as well if that’s more your breakfast speed. The staff at the restaurant is super friendly, it’s like your local hometown diner except cleaner and less grease.

Keke’s Breakfast Café’


4192 Conroy Road
 Suite 100
 Orlando, FL 32839



Places to Eat in Orlando: Vivo Italian Kitchen-Universal City Walk

Finally, on our list is Vivo’s Italian Kitchen. Vivo’s was a last- minute decision but certainly worth it. This is not your local Olive Garden (I still love Olive Garden) but this is authentic hand cut pasta Italian food! I am basically drooling while typing this. We began our meal with juicy baseball sized meatballs which I give the title “The Best I’ve ever tasted”. Then we began ordering our entre’. I enjoyed the Shrimp and Chicken Fettuccini alfredo and it was so delicious. You can really tell the difference that the handmade pasta and fresh alfredo sauce made, bonus points because the shrimp was massive! My husband devoured the lamb spaghetti. I had never heard of this combination but he surely loved it.

6 Drool Worthy Places to Eat in Orlando

6 Drool Worthy Places to Eat in Orlando

6 Drool Worthy Places to Eat in Orlando

What I enjoyed most about this restaurant was not even the amazing food, it was the service. The staff was super friendly and attentive to our needs. So much so that when we told the waiter that someone at the table had a food allergy, the chef went the extra mile for us. Within a few mins of ordering our food, the chef arrived at our table to review our food allergies and reassure us that he is putting the best quality ingredients in our meals and staying away from the allergens. I really appreciated that attention to detail!

Vivo’s Italian Kitchen

6000 Universal Blvd

Orlando, FL 32819

Well, that’s it for our Drool Worthy Places to Eat in Orlando. Did your mouth water as much as mine did? I hope that you get to experience at least one of these amazing restaurants during your next trip to Orlando. If you have a must try Orlando restaurant that should be added to the list, leave a comment below!

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