You probably know by now that Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world. However, did you know that Las Vegas deserves major praise in the food scene? Vegas is bursting at the seams with amazing food options and most of them are just as entertaining as the city itself. During our hunt for some of the most tasty, instagrammable and unique meals; we easily spent 1/3 of our trip eating amazing food and I’ve got all the deets to share with you. Here is our list of 5 Must Try Places to Eat in Las Vegas.

Best Tacos in Las Vegas: Sonrisa Grill (Lake Las Vegas)

A short 20- minute drive outside the Las Vegas strip will take you to a charming up and coming area called Lake Las Vegas. The Sonrisa Grill has gourmet Mexican Cuisine and the Tacos…ARE TO DIE FOR! This spicy little hidden gem offers live music and insane taco Tuesday mix and match deals. Unlimited tacos? Yes Please! The owners are San Diego natives and enjoy bringing the Southern California Mexican flare to Vegas.

Not only is the food amazing, we really appreciated stepping away from the hustle and bustle of the Las Vegas Strip. Lake Las Vegas is much more calm and scenic. The Village Lake Las Vegas has a ton more food, dessert, entertainment and sporting options so plan to send the day if possible!

Dirt Dog Las Vegas

If we had to pick the one place on our list that you MUST VISIT, it would be this place. Dirt Dog Las Vegas is a Los Angeles street food concept brought straight to the streets of Las Vegas. They have a unique spin on classic menu items such as hot dogs, fries and street corn. Their creative menu brings forth super star options like the Flaming Hot Elote, Carne Asada Fries and Patty Melt and Chorizo Chili Dogs. The name may not sound appetizing but it tastes incredible.

Las Vegas has two locations, one on strip and one off. We chose to visit the S Rainbow location because it was less crowded which made it more suitable for families. If you’re a street food lover, I highly recommend this restaurant for the experience and the yummy food.

Note: Dirt Dog LV is in route to the Red Rock Canyon which I highly suggested visiting in my post ” Must See Scenic Drives Near Las Vegas

Carlo’s Bakery (Grand Canal Shoppes The Venetian| The Palazzo)

If you’re a TLC fan, then you know all about Carlo’s Bakery from the hit show Cake Boss. Now you can stop drooling all over the TV screen and actually taste the cakes for yourself. They do not disappoint! The cakes are sweet, moist and made to perfection.

We tried the famous red velvet and rainbow cakes and I’ll warn you, they are PRICEY! At $9 a slice, it has a bit of a sticker shock. However, the slices are huge and well worth the experience to say you went. Just about the only thing better than this is going to the original Hoboken location. Other than that, I highly recommend you make a stop here. Also, although popular, the line is swift and you won’t spend a ton of time in line. Win Win!

Buddy V’s Ristorante (Grand Canal Shoppes The Venetian| The Palazzo)

Imagine my utter shock to find out that Buddy and his family also own a restaurant! If I wasn’t an ultimate fan before, I was about to get my fan card now by eating at the bakery and restaurant in the same day. Buddy V’s is a classic Italian restaurant with amazing traditional flavors. This restaurant has sticker shock too but I did it for the sake of fandom.

Our visit was on a Saturday morning so there was a full buffet brunch going on. However, for the sake of time and money, we opted to try the a la carte menu. I went because I heard that the Grandma’s meatballs were to die for and I needed to see for myself so that ended up working out. The a la carte menu is really not bad at all. While I was concerned that I would only be receiving 6 meatballs, I was pleasantly surprised that they were very large golf ball size or bigger and filling. Even more filling is the meatball sandwich which comes with a side of fries. If brunch buffets are more your speed, you can enjoy it for $39/adults and $14/kids and there is a wide variety of items to choose from.

Best BBQ in Vegas: Sin City Smokers

The foodie in us has a slight obsession with trying BBQ from all over the world. Vegas was no different. We were on the hunt for good BBQ but the southern in us wanted to debate that the southwest wasn’t good for anything other than chipotle. After doing research, we decided to try Sin City Smokers.

I was SHOCKED. Not only was their BBQ DELICIOUS, they deserve major cool points for their finger licking good sauce and creative touches on traditional BBQ dishes. I enjoyed the Pork Star which is a grilled cheese with pork and mac and cheese sandwich. Yes, its every bit as amazing as it sounds! However, the star of the show was the Baked Potato. This potato is HUGE and loaded with meat, cheese and your traditional toppings. My husband got Rib as his meat and it was delicious! We highly recommend visiting. Not only was the food great but there was no wait because it’s a hidden gem.

Planet Hollywood (Caesars Palace)

planet Hollywood burger must try places to eat in vegas

The last place is Planet Hollywood. I added this place to the list because you can’t go to Vegas without some sort of star studded activity. As a bonus, if you read my article on my “Ultimate Guide to Cheap and Fun Things to do in Las Vegas” then you would know that Planet Hollywood is a FREE meal option with the Go City Card Las Vegas. Who doesn’t like the word FREE?

With the Go City Card, you’re limited to ordering 3 different types of craft burgers and fries. However, they are huge and delicious and you will not be disappointed in the quality. Of course, if you decide to visit without the Go City Card, there are more options to choose from on the menu. I recommend visiting Planet Hollywood less for the food and more for the experience so keep that in mind.

I wish we had more time in Vegas because there were definitely more things to try on our list. Some of the places that we never got to try and will be trying next time are: Hell’s Kitchen (because we are Gordon Ramsey Fans), Gordon Ramsey’s Fish and Chips, In and Out, Milk Bar Las Vegas, CJs Italian Ice and Custard, Skinny Fats and Mama Bird Southern Kitchen.

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