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I can hardly believe that in January, we will hit 8 Years as a Military Family. 8 Years and 4 PCS moves and we have met some amazing people in this Military life. If it’s one thing I’ve learned by meeting veterans and hearing their stories, it’s that regardless of your circumstance there is no excuse. Through courage and commitment anything can be accomplished.

 If you’ve known me for any amount of time or here on the blog, you know that my hobbies include travel and experiences but running Is typically not one of them. Nonetheless, when I heard about Wounded Warrior Project’s Carry Forward 5K, I knew that this was one time that I would put my excuses to the side and our family would go out on the Morning of the 4th of July and get it done virtually. There was no better way that I could think of celebrating a day of our Nation’s Freedom than by honoring the Veterans who gave our country the right and the many veterans and their families who have made an impact in one way or another in our life this past 8 years.


 What is Wounded Warrior Project Carry Forward 5K?

The Wounded Warrior Project has long been an important figure to the Military community. They pride themselves on honoring and empowering wounded warriors while giving back to the Military and Veteran community. The Carry Forward 5k by Wounded Warrior Project was brought to life by the desire to give people a chance to physically represent the mission that Wounded Warrior Project has put forth. On the morning of the 4th, we took just an hour of our time and 3.1 miles to virtually join our brothers and sisters and honor the wounded warriors who have sacrificed so much for us.


Three Ways to Show Support

The cool thing about the Carry Forward 5K is that you have the option of running the 5K in person if you are near a race site or virtually like we did if you are not. There are three powerful ways to show your support. Carry a flag as I did to show support and patriotism, carry a weight as my husband did with his ruck sack to represent the responsibility of veterans or carry a person to represent one warrior carrying another. For any level of fitness, you can show your support of Wounded Veterans in a powerful way.  While we can never imagine the sacrifice of so many, this small token of appreciation and representation meant to much for myself and my family to be a part of. During our 5k, we as a family had some time to reflect on who we carry for.


I Carry For…The Military Families who support their service members each and every day. The Military Spouses who are caregivers for their Veterans who have been wounded in War. The Children who have lost parents and the burden they carry each day. Finally, The Amazing Veterans that we have met over the years who continue regardless of circumstance to be successful and push on after the mission. For them all, we are forever grateful!


How You Can Join Too?

If our story and participation resonated with you in a way that you want to participate, there is still time to register to run virtually or donate to Wounded Warrior Project if you feel compelled to do so. You can help the Wounded Warrior Project continue to put their mission into motion by registering HERE or visit the Carry Forward Homepage for more information. Spending just one hour dedicated to someone else who has inspired you can be such a fulfilling and selfless experience that will empower your journey in all that you do. 










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