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Welcome to PCS season. We are in the dead center of the PCS rat race and by now, thousands of military families are either arriving at their new duty stations or preparing for their journey. If you’ve PCSed before, then you know that it is quite the hurdle to overcome. You are really in PCS mode for 6 months including the 3 months before and after your move. While it’s true that the movers pack and unpack you, in 3 PCS moves, I have developed a proactive packing tip that changes the game for household goods arrival.  


Pcs packing Tips


 I or anyone else with a PCS horror story can tell you that when household goods finally arrive, you just want to unpack and have them ready to use as soon as possible. Depending on the amount of time that your items were in storage, this may not always be the case. Once, our items stayed in storage upward of 90 days and unfortunately, it smelled like it. Luckily, I’ve found the perfect solution to this problem and it is as simple as washing your clothing, linens and bedding before the movers arrive. 



Just Washed Freshness with Snuggle ® Scent Shakes™

There is literally NOTHING better than freshly washed laundry and we can all agree that we would rather have great smelling clothes, linens and sheets when they arrive at our brand- new house. This can be accomplished by taking a day or two to before the movers come to do laundry with Snuggle ® Scent Shakes™. Snuggle scent shakes are a laundry additive that allows your laundry to remain fresh and clean smelling for up to 100- days storage free. Not only does it add a great smell but it works to eliminate odors like the ones created by pets, outdoors and athletics. 

pcs packing tips

PCS Packing Tips 

I rushed to my local Walmart laundry aisle to pick Snuggle Scent Shakes up and ended up getting two different scents. Both the Snuggle® Scent Shakes™ Blue Sparkle® and Snuggle® Scent Shakes™ SuperFresh® Original smell amazing. Now, I refuse to do laundry without it! That after PT funk is the real deal and we need this to combat that awful smell. I figured that if it could work for the smell of freedom, it would be more than enough for our linens.

pcs packing tips

snuggle scent shakes check out at Walmart

Change the Way You Prepare for a PCS

Some of the first things you’ll need after arriving at a new home is your bed sheets and towels. Before the movers arrive, I typically wash a load of laundry with the Snuggle Scent Shakes then fold my clothing and seal them in vacuum seal bags. The same goes for my linens like towels and bed sheets. I wash the load with the scent shakes then store them away.


Pro Tip: When you purchase brand new bedding, ALWAYS keep the original plastic packaging for a PCS.


While the Snuggle Scent Shakes last maximum 100 days out of storage. I have found that I am always able to lock in the freshness by storing my freshly washed items in plastic packaging. Not only does this keep the fresh scent intact but it keeps the odors out. After a bad case of molded household goods during our last PCS, I am even more grateful that I protected our linens by keeping the original plastic packaging. 


pcs packing tips


Additionally, Snuggle believes that “No matter what your family does or where you go, the fresh scent of Snuggle® Scent Shakes™ will be there to delight and inspire you—and those around you”.Also, “Sometimes a hug, a smile, a smell, a touch is all we need”. In that, they are dedicated to helping military families transition and feel the comfort of smell each PCS season. The smell of “home” that Snuggle Scent Shakes offer will keep even the smallest members of your family feeling comforted and close to home while moving time and time again with each PCS season.


snuggle scent shakes from walmart

What are your favorite PCS Packing Hacks?



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