Military Travel Discounts:  Military Families Can Save BIG MONEY on Travel Accommodations

Everyone loves to travel to new places and experience new things but no one loves the costs associated with it. Let’s face it, traveling with a family can add up quickly and as Military families, we don’t tend to have a whole bunch of disposable income laying around. Accommodation costs have the power to eat up the majority of a travel budget quickly, leaving little room for things like entertainment and activities …aka the things that actually make the trip worthwhile. We’ve come up with a few Military travel discounts and ways that Military families can save BIG MONEY on travel accommodations. After all, the less you spend on your stay, the more you can see and do!

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Military families everywhere are losing a ton of money on travel by not using their resources and discounts.  The following are ways that military families can save BIG MONEY on travel accommodations.

Stay at A Military Crash Pad

Military Travel Discounts: How Military Families Can Save BIG MONEY on Travel Accommodations
Picture Provided by Military CrashPad

Military Crashpads are a for the Military by the Military alternative to Air BnB. In 2013, Johnny Cruz Buckingham (A Veteran Pilot) came up with an amazing idea to purchase properties in multiple cities and make them available to service members of all branches and their family members specifically during Military family travel, TDY and PCS moves. To read his full story click HERE!

This innovative idea, is a cheaper alternative to booking a traditional hotel and it also comes with a ton of amenities and services making your Crash Pad stay feel just like home. Military Crash Pads are suitable for single soldiers but can also accommodate families in large numbers comfortably. Military Crash Pads are super attractive because of the amenities that can be found in the TDY extended stay properties. Some locations come complete with Maid Services, Game and Entertainment systems, a FREE catered chef (location dependent), Free Lyft Credits and much MORE (For a complete list of amenities click HERE).

Military Travel Discounts: How Military Families Can Save BIG MONEY on Travel Accommodations
Picture Provided by Military CrashPad

In years to come, the founder of Military Crashpad is looking to expand to more cities but in the meantime, I would seriously recommend considering staying in one if available in the city you’re traveling to. For more information about Military Crashpad locations, click HERE.

Military Travel Discounts: Check for Government or Military Rates at Chain Hotels

In most cases, it is much easier to book traditional hotel accommodations. Whether you choose to book online or over the phone, you should always check for government or Military rates. Sometimes, this option is hidden on the website so it’s always a good idea to call hotel management in this case. Also, consider that some hotels only allow the use of government rate for official travel.



Join a Rewards or Loyalty Program

Military Travel Discounts: How Military Families Can Save BIG MONEY on Travel Accommodations

Joining a Hotel Rewards or loyalty program can seem unnecessary but you’ll want to think twice before turning down this option. Loyalty programs can come with a ton of benefits and many times, they can outweigh the military discount. Loyalty programs are great for families that travel often, giving you a chance to get major savings and even accumulate points toward free stays. Our personal favorite loyalty program is Hilton Honors. This program comes with a ton of perks and has saved us a lot on travel expenses.

Use a Card with Reward Points and Travel Discounts

Did you know that Military based companies like USAA offers travel discounts? Consider opening an account with companies like this to save major money on your travel accommodations. Best rates are often guaranteed and you can save anywhere between 10% and 25% in your total costs. Also, consider getting a debit or credit card that offers cash back options on travel to save a ton.


Military Travel Discounts: Consider Armed Forces Resorts

Military Travel Discounts: How Military Families Can Save BIG MONEY on Travel Accommodations

Most people don’t pick a travel destination based on accommodations but this could be the perfect reason to. There are several Armed Forces Resorts around the world that offer a cost-effective option for Military families to travel and enjoy beautiful places. From the lush Hawaiian Islands to the beautiful mountains of Germany, you can immerse yourself in just about any country and culture for a reasonable price.

Consider Post/DOD Lodging as an Alternative

Consider if your travel destination has a nearby US Military base with on post lodging available. If all else fails, remember that you always have access to on post lodging. This is always a great option to save a ton of money on accommodations. While some post lodging offers room costs by rank, I rarely ever see lodging cost more than $100usd per night. This puts more money in your pocket if you’re willing to lose the aesthetics of a moderate or luxury hotel room. Some even offer free continental breakfast which saves even more money on breakfast costs.

Join a Travel Club with Military Travel Discounts

Military Travel Discounts: How Military Families Can Save BIG MONEY on Travel Accommodations

If your family has an adventurous spirit and love for frequent travel, it could be beneficial to join a travel club. Clubs like Armed Forces Vacation Club allow military families to travel around the world at discounted rates. There are over 200,000 resorts in over 100 countries so the options are limitless. Click HERE for more information.

Special Thank you to Military Crash Pad for sponsoring this post. We hope you’ve found these 7 ways that Military Families can save BIG MONEY super useful for your future travel plans. Be sure to use these Military Travel Discounts when booking your next trip. What are your favorite ways to save money on travel?

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