I am so excited to be sharing with you one of my favorite places ever! I’ve been to a couple of places in Florida but Key West tops my list of favorite destinations by a land slide. I know most of you are thinking “but you live in Miami”. However, we need getaways too! Plus having such a magical island being only a 3 hour drive from my house is a win for sure. One of my favorite things about Key West is how authentic it feels. Everyone is on island time moving at a slow and relaxing pace. It’s touristy but feels so unbothered and not crowded like Miami. It has such a unique charm and the food is mouth watering good….then there’s PIE!! Honestly, if I could live there forever I wouldn’t leave the island. Here are a few things we were able to do in our 10 hours in Key West and my review for our short visit.

Key West, Florida is such a Fabulous Destination for a vacation for out oft owners or day cation for Floridians. Check Out How We Saw Key West In 10 Hours during a carnival cruise excursion to Port of Key West. We were able to see the magic of Key West and catch some island vibes for a very affordable price. In Key West, there are tons of exciting things to do and see including eat Key Lime Pie or see the Earnest Hemingway House. Check out our post on Www.TheDailyImpressions.com

First of all, even though we live insanely close to the Florida Keys we went on a cruise in December and one of our destinations was KeyWest . I say that to say we did not enjoy the scenic drive of the overseas highway (which I hope to do soon) and that we had to see KeyWest in 10 hours.  Trust me, it was 10 hours well spent  and I could have cried when we left. We made the best of it by choosing the shore excursion that allowed us to see the whole island in that short period of time and allowed us to have time left over.

How We Saw Key West In 10 Hours
Photo provided by Old Town Trolley Key West


The Key West Tours with Old Town Trolley were awesome! Not only did they allow us to see the whole island in about an hours or so but they also provided a tour guide who was vibrant and shared super interesting facts and I LOVE FACTS! All we had to pay was approx $40 dollars and go along for the ride (the ticket is good for more than one use). The first time we road along for the whole island just to see what there was to do and get a history lesson. When that was over we hopped on again and got off at all the stops. Perhaps my favorite thing is the fact that such a small fee provided transportation to everywhere we wanted to go on the island.

How We Saw Key West In 10 Hours
Earnest Hemingway Key West Home
How We Saw Key West In 10 Hours
Key West Lighthouse and Keepers Quarters

The second time on the trolly was less for information and more for transportation. We hit up all the major stops like the shops that surrounded the pier. Each shop was unique and filled with one of a kind bright island themed pieces from jewelry to hand made crafts and bags. Other shops were more touristy but we were able to find dirt cheap key west memorabilia. Next we walked Duval street looking for food. The foodie in me wanted to try it all and indeed I will go back and try it all. We settled on a quaint walk up taco shop and had shrimp tacos well within our budget but great for the tongue pallet. We hopped on and hopped off at the Southernmost Point Buoy, The Southernmost House, Southernmost hotel, Customs House, Earnest Hemingway Home and US 1 mile marker. As you can tell most everything is Southernmost Point something and it has every right to be with being only 90 miles from Cuba.

How We Saw Key West In 10 Hours
Photo Provided by Old Town Trolley Key West

How We Saw Key West In 10 Hours

How We Saw Key West In 10 Hours

How We Saw Key West In 10 Hours

At the close of our day I knew that I wasn’t going to leave Key West until I found the most tasty Keylime pie the island had to offer. Our amazing Old Town Trolley tour guide told us that they were all good but Kermit’s Key West Lime Shoppe was the absolute best I would ever taste. Not only was he right but it was literally the best thing my taste buds have ever tasted in food and pie form and since that day I have been trying to get back to Kermit. Not only did they have the Key Lime slices but they offered chocolate dipped Key Lime pie slices (On my bucket list) and lime flavored everything from sauces to seasonings and they tasted amazing as well…Oh kermit (In my Miss Piggy Voice).

How We Saw Key West In 10 Hours
Picture Provided by www.keylimeshop.com


We spent about 10 hours on this magical island and I did not want to leave. I left the island feeling like it was exactly where I was supposed to be and yearn to get back soon. My next trip will be way longer than 10 hours, I’ll check some water sports and foods off my bucket list, I’ll go off the beaten path beyond Duval street and most importantly I’ll collect all my island vibes. Thanks for a good time Key West! Until next time.

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20 thoughts on “How We Saw Key West In 10 Hours”

  1. I absolutely love Key West!! I have some friends who live there and feel like I’m in absolute bliss every time I visit there! Your pictures are great!

  2. This post is giving me all types of wanderlust! I live in tampa and I see I need to visit Key West. Key lime pies are my absolute favorite dessert ?

  3. Thank you so much! Isn’t it just bliss. I’m telling you it’s my favorite place ever and I’m trying to get back soon. We went in December and the temperature was still perfect.

  4. This post is giving me all types of wanderlust! I live in tampa and I see I need to visit Key West. Key lime pies are my absolute favorite dessert

  5. Thanks for reading! Key Lime pie is my all time favorite dessert as well! What’s amazing is the fact that I hated anything key lime before we moved here. I am forever changed!

  6. Sophie! I did and the cruise was amazing. I’ll be doing a couple of blog posts about our cruise soon. We are looking to get back to the Keys soon.

  7. Thanks for reading! It’s a bucket list MUST. I hope you enjoy your time there if you get to go soon

  8. Your pictures have me craving a vacation! I can’t wait to go back to Florida. I definitely want to check out Key West. It looks like you had a fantastic time.

  9. I am dying to get to Switzerland so we can switch for a while. You would love key west and its perfect temp year round. The key lime pie is the best I’ve ever had in my LIFE!

  10. I am always craving a vacation so I know how you feel! You will love your time in the Keys in you get a chance.Stay tuned for more of our Florida voyages!

  11. I honestly never heard of this place until I read through your blog. Your photos are beautiful and makes this vacation idea all the more alluring 🙂

  12. I honestly never heard of this place until I read through your blog. Your photos are beautiful and make this vacation idea all the more alluring 🙂

  13. I haven’t been to the keys since senior year in high school and have been wanting to get back there!! We didn’t get to see Hemingway’s house last time and I would love to do a tour!

  14. You should totally go back! They suffered a lot of loss in the hurricane but good news is they are expected to have everything fixed by mid October. Take a trip soon!

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