Breastfeeding can be a scary and intimidating thing for a mommy who is just starting out. Unfortunately, we live in a society where people are more concerned with baby on the boob than boobs hanging out as a fashion statement. I’ve seen so many mothers resort to bottle feeding to suit the needs of others when meeting baby’s needs should be the only thing she worries about . Im a little more shameless in a “this is natural so bite me” kind of way but I too would like to feel less like a museum and more like mind your business.  If this is a situation you’ve ever been in or know a new breastfeeding mom who’s a little shy then read on girl, This one’s for YOU! Here are some AWESOME  Breastfeeding in Public Hacks to get you through your experience.

Breastfeeding in public can be a daunting task. No Need to Worry! I Have the perfect Breastfeeding Tips and Hacks to help you feed more confidently in public. Breastfeeding should never be something you're ashamed of, it's the most natural way for mom to feed baby. This post is perfect no matter if you're new to breastfeeding or extended breastfeeding . Visit us on for breastfeeding in public hacks and tips

  1. Finding A Private Place

Have you ever been shopping and all of a sudden your baby starts to cry in hunger?  I HAVE! and let me tell you, depending on where I was it put me in a state of panic when I first started breastfeeding.  At the beginning, you can’t quite get the latch together and you need a private place to just feed without worrying about what other people think. In the spirit of resourcefulness, I found the GLORY of all solutions and I’ll share it with you if you promise not to tell any of my favorite stores that I do this.

Just take the items you have or grab something and ask to try it on in the dressing room. I KNOW, I KNOW! Don’t give me that look…mama’s gotta do what mama’s gotta do. Dressing rooms are secluded, fairly quiet, offer space,  seating  and PRIVATE ways to take care of your baby’s needs.

Breastfeeding in public Hacks
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2. Alternative Ways to Cover Up

Every new mother knows that breastfeeding covers are an option if you want to feed in public with a little privacy but if I can take a moment to be transparent…IT’S NOT WORTH IT! I don’t know about you but I live in Miami, Florida a.k.a A Walking Sauna! I wouldn’t dare put a breastfeeding cover over my baby  in this heat, he would cook! Plus, if your kid is in love with you like mine is, he’ll snatch it off and happily finish his lunch while making piercing eye contact (No I’m not kidding).

If you haven’t quite built up your confidence in breastfeeding in public but would still prefer privacy there are a couple of things you can do WITHOUT buying a breastfeeding cover…save your coins girl! Try wearing an oversized or longer shirt, Wear a light scarf and make sure to wear the appropriate breastfeeding bra or tank top for easy access!


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3. Two Shirt Method

This  method I found on the Glorious Site of Ideas…PINTEREST! Although I haven’t tried it, it’s a genius idea and seems to be highly recommended in breastfeeding support groups.  If you wear two tank tops one can cover your chest while the other covers the bottom.Baby covers the nipple area…PROBLEM SOLVED! Just kidding! Those who want to be negative will still find a problem but they literally won’t be able to see anything “Inappropriate” (I use that term with an eye roll).  NOTHING TO SEE PEOPLE, MOVE ALONG!

Breastfeeding in public Hacks
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4. Breast pad Alternative

Okay, here comes the shocker! Have you run out of breast pads unexpectedly? I HAVE! I remember the week my milk came in we went on a 2 hour car ride (don’t look at me like that) and I had enough milk to feed an entire nursery. I was in PAIN and my breast pads were soaked. Just my luck,  I forgot my replacement pads but again; in the spirit of resourcefulness , I found a solution.

I HAD MAXI PADS because… you know why!  The best alternative is a pad or panty liner! They are super absorbent, sanitary and chances are you have one with you in the first few weeks after giving birth or the return of a menstrual cycle. If not, they are a whole heck of a lot easier to find in a convenient store than a breast pad. However, be advised that this is not a long time alternative as they can rub your nipples the wrong  way and cause soreness or dryness.

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5. Engorgement Relief

Need instant relief from engorgement? Yeah, engorgement is NO FUN! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to hand express in a sink or toilet in public to stop the pain when baby was fed and I couldn’t access a pump. I started thinking smarter by carrying an empty bottle in my diaper bag! You can hand express into the empty bottle to keep all of that liquid gold goodness.The good thing about it is, you can usually keep milk at room temp safely for a little time. If you’re on the road or in a restaurant, I would suggest asking for a large cup or bucket of ice to prevent wastefulness…every little drop counts!

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Breastfeeding in public Hacks
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These are just some of the HACKS I used when I started my breastfeeding journey. My absolute best advice for new breastfeeding mothers is to be CONFIDENT! You’re amazing and doing something natural for your baby no matter where or how others feel about it. We may get dirty looks from those who do not understand but WHO CARES? Your Superpower is nourishing a life you created,  Take pride in that mama.

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  1. Great tips! I have nursed in a dressing room numerous times. I love that more public places are designating nursing stations. It’s the little things that make it easier on moms and hungry babies!

  2. Thanks for reading! I have noticed the increase as well. There are some breastfeeding pods in the airport and though I haven’t tried one I’m sure that moms are grateful to have them. The thing is, if we keep hiding when breastfeeding it will never become “Normal”. We have to be bold and confident and do it in public so that people will learn to not sexualize it.

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