Always on The Go: Busy Mom’s Guide to “That Time of the Month” with Always®Radiant

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This mama has her hands full! With a soldier for a husband, a toddler and a career that always requires travel, I don’t have much time for Mother Nature to slow me down. I am sure that all moms agree, being a mom is the hardest and most rewarding job you’ll ever have but adding in being a military spouse and self-employed makes sick days’ non-negotiable. With our husbands spending a lot of time away, we have to tighten up our boot straps and face the days’ head on…even during that time of the month. Here is a BUSY mom’s guide to not letting “that time of the month” slow you down with Always®Radiant!

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks in collaboration with Always®Radiant and Walmart. However, all content and opinions are my own. For more information on our policy, click HERE!


Choose the right protection

Let’s be honest here, periods are ANNOYING! They come at the worst possible times and the cramps can try to slow you down. They even limit the kind of clothing you wear. That’s why I am really picky about what I use to protect myself. We’re on the go a lot so something comfortable is a MUST!  Using the Always MyFit guidelines, I was able to FINALLY find the perfect pad for me. I know you’re probably thinking , Finally? Isn’t this woman in her 20s? The answer is YES! And TMI…I’ve had my period for a long time but you’ll be surprised how many women purchase the wrong size pad and a pad that doesn’t fit is irritating. The best thing about is that it can work for EVERY underwear size and period flow. Click HERE to find your right size for your unique monthly cycle. It makes a world of difference! Thank me later.


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Take a moment for Self-Care

What is relax for a mom? I know it seems like we are constantly doing something for someone else. We’re busy cooking, cleaning, working, and cleaning again when the kids come behind you to dump everything out. Oh, the joys of Motherhood! However, it’s imperative that we take a few moments every now and then to practice self-care…especially during that time of the month. Self-care is the basis of all mommy sanity, even if it’s for a few minutes. Some of my favorite things to do are: Journaling, drinking hot tea, grabbing my journal and Be Radiant Tumbler and sitting by the water (Floridian benefits), and using my diffuser and essential oils. It doesn’t seem like much but taking a few moments a day to do the things you like can really feel like pushing a reset button. If I want to splurge a bit, sometimes I even book a spa appointment while my husband is home. Those days are GLORIOUS!

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Stay Active

Trust me, I know the LAST thing we want to do is be active. I am nobody’s gym girl…it’s a dreadful place of crushed dreams but I can say that my cramps feel better when I’m moving. Taking 30 minutes to go for a walk can be just enough to get those endorphins going and easy the menstrual pain.

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Now that I’ve found Always®Radiant pads which are perfect for me and my lifestyle, I feel more confident about going out and being active on my period.  They truly make everything much easier by increasing my confidence and making me feel protected. Always™Radiant boasts pads that are 100% leak and odor free. The LAST thing I want is to be self-conscious about what’s going on “down there”. The Flexfoam™ feature this has opened the opportunity for me to try yoga for my active days, something I would have NEVER done on my period in the past. It also has 10 hours of protection which is perfect for my long travel days.

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Improve your diet

I know…Ice cream, chocolate and Netflix sounds like the perfect day but you’ll feel much better if you pay attention to your PMS diet. Remove dairy. A lot of us don’t realize how much lactose really affects us especially during that extra sensitive time of the month. Consider switching over to non- dairy products if only for the week. Also, implement anti-inflammatory foods. My go to is a good green smoothie or simply adding turmeric and ginger to my fruit smoothies.

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That’s it for my busy mom’s guide to that time of the month. When you feel PMS coming on, head over to your local Walmart and pick up your Always®Radiant. With its super stylish new packaging and amazing protection qualities, it will quickly become your BEST FRIEND…PERIOD. For more information, Visit


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