This morning I woke up and traveled to my empty house for a final inspection . It was once filled with thing. Mostly with memories like pictures, a nursery we only used for 4 months and decorations that I spent months perfecting . The movers loaded everything on a truck and sent it to our next destination but the movers forgot one thing …the house itself! They allow you to pack your valuables but what if one of the things most valuable to you are unable to be packed? If you’ve ever felt like this, then it sounds like you completely understand Why Military Moves are So HARD!

why military moves are so hard

It’s been 3 years now and the changes that have taken places while at this one duty station have forever changed our lives completely. While in one place so much can happen. In 3 years, we have gotten married, made friends old and new, gotten comfortable with a church , been there to witness babies being born , had a baby of our own and seen everyone that we loved come and go like seasons.

So, as I packed my belongings up and walked around to make sure that nothing was forgotten I realized that I will leave the last few years of my life behind and they would not be able to come with me in a materialistic sense . I felt emotional that my baby would leave his first home. One that he will never even remember . Emotional remembering the carpet we sat on when we first got married to eat dinner as we waited for our furniture to arrive in our very first home together. Angry even at the fact that I was so in a hurry for orders to come through for us and now it was done; our time here was over and we could do nothing but hope that the next place would be as kind to us.

photo provided by Unsplash
photo provided by Unsplash


I guess that’s the beauty and the beast of it all! We live these lives and enjoy these times for only a little while. Then, we move on to the next journey for a fresh start and different people. We have all been so fortunate to travel to the places that we have been and built the friendships that we have . Friendships that span the globe . However, one day it will all come to an end and you’ll have to pack up that luggage of memories.

So as I sit through this car ride to our new home,  to all of my friends that have the ability to live all over the world , to the memories that my family have created over the years , to each duty station that we will go to .I packed it all in my heart and will take it with me everywhere that I will go .

What has been some of the hardest things about your military moves? Let me know in the comment section below!

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