Hi Guys! So, I’m back and I come bearing a gift that will solve all your problems! Okay, not really but I pinky promise to make your life a heck of a lot easier. Believe it or not, after I tell you about my little 2 by 2 block called the Tile, you’re going to be #MindBlown. If you’re dying to hear about the One item that changes the game for wives and moms everywhere then continue reading.

Disclaimer: This post is presented by Tile who was gracious enough to gift me two sets of tiles in order for me to create this post. However, all opinions are truthfully my own as I would only tell my readers about the best products.


First of all, let’s talk about the disaster which is my life. We’re on the go…A LOT!

         At some point at every month we are traveling both long and short distances. As nuts as it sounds, traveling with just myself and the baby is a breeze but when the entire family (I mean all three of us) are headed on a trip…IT’S…A…DISASTER! Plane rides are best done at 4AM because what’s the worst that can happen? Right?  Well, 4AM destinations mean chaos. It also means that my husband has magically lost his wallet, the car keys are nowhere to be found and that we’ve left the car seat in the car after a brutal hour in the TSA line but that’s a story for another time. The point is, this is our story a lot of the time and I can only imagine how many people, especially parents can relate.



Now, if I may throw my husband under the bus for a minute here the poor man loses something on a daily basis. From his wallet to his keys to his phone, you name it he will lose it! I do believe that he could lose body parts if it weren’t attached to his body. I dreamt of a day that we could simply call those lost items and skip the hours spent frantically looking in the same spots repeatedly.


It turns out, the tech Gods heard my plea!


 Some genius heard the prayer of wives and mothers everywhere who were sick of waking up at the crack of dawn to help look for the lost items (By lost I mean in plain sight because…men). The Tile might just save a couple of marriages out there.


Basically, the Tile is a 2 by 2 amazingly thin pod that allows you to page your items when they are misplaced by simply downloading The Tile App and connecting your new tiles to the app. Tiles have three of my favorite things: Style, practicality and affordability!

Tile has multiple designs to meet your individual needs.



Picture provided by TheTileApp.com


The Tile Pro series includes the Style and Sport. Sport is great for the “life on the go” person. It’s sporty and waterproof which was perfect for my husband. The style is more my speed. It comes in white with gold trim and it’s perfect for accessorizing keys or a purse.


Tile Style


They also have the Tile slim and Tile Mate which I’m dying to get my hands on next. The Tile mate is tiny and attachable to just about anything you can think of. Put it in a bag or attach it to your luggage for easy travel bag retrieval. The Tile Slim can slip right in your wallet along with your cards and you’ll never lose a wallet again!


Picture provided by TheTileApp.com
Picture provided by TheTileApp.com



Knowing what I know now, I couldn’t keep this gem to myself! Now, take this information and RUN WITH IT! If you’ve got time then you can order directly from Tile but if you’re impatient like me and can’t wait to see if the Tile is amazing as I say it is, you can find this item at your local Best Buy, Target, Apple, T-Mobile, Verizon, Lowes or Amazon but Chop Chop before everyone else finds out how good this is!


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