When I was pregnant over a year ago (Gosh I can’t believe it’s been that long!) I spent 9 agonizing months just waiting for it to be over. Don’t get me wrong I loved the idea of being pregnant. However, between the 8 1/2 months of all day sickness (This is not an exaggeration) and the glow I never got, I was basically just ready to receive my prize at the end of the marathon which was my perfect little baby boy. We have decided to not have anymore children which is a story for another date but looking back I’ve found that there are some things that I regret NOT doing while I was pregnant and I wanted to share them with soon to be mommies so that you will not make the same mistakes… Here are a few things you SHOULD do BEFORE having baby.

As expecting moms we put a lot of time planning and preparing for baby but we forget about ourselves. If you're a first time mom or mom of 5, this could be useful for you! Here are a few things you should do before having baby

  Stop Working Sooner!

Now I know this is completely unrealistic for most women today but for me it was a thing and I did not take advantage of it. I was a nanny of twin babies and to date it was the best job I have ever had (Thanks Monica!). However, I stopped working Mid January and by March 6th EJ was here. Now, a month and a half is plenty of time to get prepared for a baby but I was literally exhausted, still sick and ready to pop by the time I had EJ. Not to mention the fact that I was always being active caused contractions as early as 7 months pregnant and a couple of hospitalizations. I wouldn’t do it again !

 Take more pictures!

Did I mention that I never got the pregnancy glow? Because I really never got the pregnancy glow. I feel like the day I found out I was pregnant by body said let me take all the pretty out of you…I’ll return it later. I was literally miserable and less than excited about my bodily changes. As result I would take pictures then delete them or just send them to my husband and let that be that. Now I literally just have pictures from the baby announcement when I hadn’t gained any weight and the maternity pictures. In hind sight I would have taken a cute picture every month to remember my progress. It really was a beautiful experience and I regret it now.

Things you should do before having baby

things you should do before having baby

Things you should do before having baby


Plan my own baby shower!

Originally I began making plans for my extravagant baby shower but planning a baby shower or any party in another state can be overwhelming. I eventually gave up and let others plan for me. It was nice but absolutely not the way I wanted  It to be. I know what you’re thinking…”Showerzilla” but NO it’s not that. Every girl just has a certain way she expects things to be like weddings, bridal showers and yes baby showers! I would have put more thought into the decorations, had more pictures taken and really taken in the moment instead of thinking so much about what my guests wanted.I had a second shower with my Army friends and I do have to say that we had the time of our lives. We played games and it felt great to have a smaller circle of people that I knew really loved us and our baby.

Go on A Baby Moon!

This has to be the number one on my list! We didn’t take any time to go on a vacation before our baby was born and I regret it so much. Sure I waddled or didn’t look the best in a bathing suit but a piece of relaxation before giving birth would have been needed and well deserved especially since we were in cold Missouri. The months and weeks leading up to the birth of our son, duty called from the Army and I was unwinding from working and trying to prepare for baby. Truth be told I’m lucky my husband was even apart of the delivery (If you’re interested in my birth story comment below) . Now we go on family vacations and I love it but we certainly lacked in the pre-baby vacation department. Some people choose to go somewhere exotic and others would rather go to a local hotel. Flying late in pregnancy is not realistic but we could have gone somewhere besides home and trust me YOU’LL BOTH NEED IT.

Things you should do before having baby

I hope you enjoyed reading the things I regretted NOT doing while pregnant. If you are currently pregnant I know its rough but try to enjoy every moment of what’s happening to you. Make an effort to cherish even the smallest of things and don’t think too much about the big things. Before you know it your baby will be here and pregnancy will be a memory.

To my current moms: What is something you regret not doing while pregnant? I want to hear from you in the comments below!

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  1. I loved this post! Even though I am NOT pregnant and don’t plan on being anytime soon, I thoroughly enjoyed this read! Great pointers to remember for the future! So So So proud of you btw! ?

  2. A babymoon! Other cultures do this as a matter of course – the US should really adopt it. I love the idea, as opposed to the stress of trying to bond and go back to work!

  3. Not even close to have a baby but still had so much fun reading this! You looked so pretty in the pictures with your husband! Love, Mimi


  4. Jane,
    Congrats on your decision to start trying! I pray that you have that blessing. If you subscribe to my email list I will have more motherhood tips and tricks to help you out

  5. Mimi,
    Thanks so much for taking the time to read. Share with all your friends who are mothers and no matter when you become one I will have some tips and tricks for you. Also, Thanks you! I was very pregnant and exhausted at that point lol

  6. Thank you for such a beautiful post. I’m a doula and plan to add some of these to my own recommendations. Btw- you were beautiful pregnant – fully glowing!!

  7. Thanks so much! I think what you do is amazing. I am looking to become a certified parenting class instructor and lactation consultant. I would Love to hear more about your experiences. Thank you for the compliment as well!

  8. This is such an interesting post girl! I love it – definitely something to keep in might when my time comes! Big thanks for opening up and sharing your story to help us newbies out!

  9. Thank you so much! I love helping new moms.Being a parent is such an amazing experience and full of adventure. Bless you when you decide to have babies!

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