What’s up everyone? If you stop by often then Welcome Back and Welcome to the Family if you’re new here! I am looking forward to growing The Daily Impressions Family in 2018. Speaking of the New Year, where did 2017 even go? It seems like the other day, there was summer, hurricane season then everyone started rushing around preparing for the holidays and boom…IT’S OVER!

We have about 10 months till the Holiday Season again (If you didn’t know, I am an extreme Holiday enthusiast) and in between time, we’re all just wondering around here holding on to the perfect time to start those New Year’s resolutions (Guilty as Charged). I know that we are all guilty of this. That’s why I thought the perfect way to be held accountable for those New Year goals are to share some of them here with my readers. I am hoping to look back at the end of this year and say WOW I did it…WE did it! After all, I couldn’t accomplish a single one of these goals without Prayer, My Family (Including you Guys), TED talks and a whole lot of patience.

New Year...What's Next


Personal Goals For 2018


 Hone In On My Hobbies!

2017 was Rough! I had my blog going, I was building a brand, I was taking care of baby alone while the Army stole my husband…A LOT and I was finishing a degree. There was no time for hobbies, at least not enough time to enjoy them. That’s why in 2018, now that I have a bit more time on my hands, I am looking to really enjoy my hobbies. I will be taking photography classes, getting back to scrapbooking and video editing and writing a lot more in the New Year. Writing is already my profession so I am thinking more along the lines of personal journaling.

Writing a Book!

For as long as I could remember, a goal of mine has always been to become a published author. Thanks to life experiences, my amazing readers and the equally amazing people that I’ve met in the blogging community, I have finally put everything into perspective and discovered what it is that my book should be about. I am so excited to start this journey although writing an entire book is a daunting as it sounds. I have made every excuse under the sun about why it hasn’t been the right time to start so I have decided to lay all of those to rest and really get started pre-writing my thoughts out in hopes of one day having a book that will help and guide people.

Get a Certification!

As much as I dislike the thought of school consuming my very existence so soon after I gained my much-needed freedom, I so excited about perusing further education in my passion for breastfeeding and parenting.  In this new year, I am planning to become certified as a lactation consultant and parent education. The very best time of my pregnancy was enjoying parenting and breastfeeding classes and I would be overjoyed to share that positive and beautiful experience with new expecting parents. For you all, it means that I will be bringing even more in depth breastfeeding and parenting posts.

Travel More!

I love traveling. It is literally my favorite thing to go. As if we don’t move enough with the military, I could totally get down with the nomad lifestyle. Anyway, I have a blog post coming soon about my 2018 bucket list and I will include a few of my destination goals for the year.


Blogging Goals

Getting Over My Fears!

2017 was quite the learning experience for me. My blog was sort of learn as I go and I feel that it reflected on my site. I was finding my voice. I was afraid to go after opportunities and let that little voice inside tell me that I was not qualified. I also didn’t connect with other more experienced bloggers like I wanted to. I have no idea what happened but in October, I got a confidence boost and I started going after everything and it truly paid off. I saw immense growth! So, it is my blogging goal of 2018 to take it much further. The blog is elevating for sure in the new year! There will be new and improved content but I will always keep my honesty and conversational (Hey Girl) type of conversation that you’re used to.


Y’all! Okay, it is so easy for me to get off track. Last year, I had an excuse with all that was going on in my life but now I am blogging FULL-TIME. That being said, don’t get tired of me! We will have more to talk about this year and waaaaay more often! I’m talking about 2+ times a week.

Getting Higher Traffic!

We have a good time here, right? I thought so! I know I have a good time writing and sharing my perspectives with you guys and I think more people deserve to join in on the fun! I am determined to gain more Daily Impressions Family members and I need everyone’s help! If you read a post that really resonates with your soul then go ahead and hit that share button. Seriously, don’t be selfish!

Increase Social Following!

You guys! Once upon a time I was not worried about social media following. I just posted on my personal Instagram and my numbers kept growing. I promise, Instagram did some type of brain scan and realized that I was trying to great and boom…stagnant! I have been struggling to gain followers for a while and it’s stressful but I will keep posting and sharing my family with you all. Growth will come one day (by one day I am claiming this year). Matter of fact, if you’re not following me on instagram click here and make sure you do and tell a friend to tell a friend!


There you have it, these are a few of my personal and blogging goals for the 2018 year! I am looking forward to checking them off my list one by one so let’s hear it for an amazing new year!


What are some of your goals for 2018? Share a few of them below! It’s a party in the comment section!

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