Perception is such a funny thing. It’s how others view things, people or situations. Perhaps the most hilarious thing I can think of is when people ask about my husband and I say “He’s in the military” and their reply is “Aww”. I’m quietly thinking to myself “What is wrong with these people?”

Okay who could blame them? When they hear military I’m sure that they immediately visualize the cute nurse lady and sailor kissing with passion on Times Square or the popular show Army Wives.

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    But all I can visualize is my husband leaving for work at the butt crack of dawn every morning, crusty dirty field laundry that smells like he rolled around in a landfill all day and the hurry up and wait mentality that curses our life from being able to make a solid plan. In the last four years of this military life, I cannot for the life of me figure out what everyone is so in awe about. I try to think back and find out if I am falsely advertising my lifestyle in any type of way. Is it really me? Or is it the “I love a man in a uniform type of mentality” that’s building up all the hype? Well, for those type of women I choose to tell my story.

At 15 I was a sophomore in high school, dancing to the rhythm of the band in the stands, without a care in the world EXCEPT I too was in love with a man in a uniform. As contradictory as that sounds it wasn’t just any kind of uniform, it was a football uniform and he was a junior. I mean not that I expected him to stay a football player forever but the reality of high school is that you have no idea where you or anyone around you will end up in the next few years. We really didn’t even care we just knew what was present was teenage love and hormones. 7 years later this month and I often look at us and reminisce. We don’t look the same, think the same, or act the same as we did. However, we made it…we made us happen and I wouldn’t change us for the world. I married my high school sweetheart and gave birth to a son that looks just like him. That If became our reality and we are much better for it.  There are times where I wonder what would have happened IF?  If he stayed at college instead of enlisting, IF I did all the things I wanted to do instead of waiting it out through this army life, IF we never made it this far.

I have to say that in this almost 7 years of being together the most valuable lesson that I’ve learned is your plans are not your own. God has a master plan for all of us and with that patience of love…. IF’S can become beautiful realities.

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I am Sierra Redmond- Mama, Army Wife, student and full time Lifestyle Blogger. My family and I are currently stationed in sunny Miami, Florida and we take every chance we get to soak up the sun, culture, try all the food and travel with our handy dandy Tula baby.

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