5 Military Family and Spouse YouTubers to Binge Watch


TDYs, Deployment and Mid Shifts reside at the top of the list of things Military Spouses hate to deal with but like most Milspouses, I’ve mastered the art of finding a silver lining. It’s pretty sad and even down right annoying that our spouses are away but heck yeah to having the TV to yourself!  If you’re anything like me, you bring out the popcorn, grab a blanket and get ready to watch whatever your little heart desires and majority of the time… it’s YouTube. YouTube, is my guilty pleasure … not wine or chocolate … YOUTUBE! I’m not proud of it but I binge watch, I’m nosey and the more relatable the BETTER. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of 5 Military family or Spouse YouTubers to binge watch. Grab your snacks and let’s get started! 


military family youtubers to binge watch 

 Military Youtubers : Life of The Cassells

The life of the Cassells is a daily vlogging channel that follows the bluntly honest and candid journey of the Cassell family who’s currently stationed in Fort Hood, Texas. They Originally started their channel while stationed in Fort Wainwright, Alaska and since then, their channel and family has grown. Kiara is a stay at home mom of 3 children and her husband Desmond, serves Active Duty Army. You can often find them splitting their vlogs to show both daily home/work perspectives, family time and their battle with raising a “blended” family.  Click HERE to learn more about their channel. 

Military Youtubers: Almost Daily

Almost Daily is a family channel that daily vlogs and shares travel experiences from all over Europe. Kelley, her Active Duty Marine husband Martin and two children are currently stationed in Germany. They take every chance they get to Explore Germany and its surrounding countries as they vlog and take us along with them. I’ve spent hours drooling over their Holidays so if traveling is your thing, this channel is for you. Kelley is also super relatable as she speaks open and honestly about infertility, being away from family and frequent TDY solo parenting.  Click HERE to learn more about their channel. 

Military Youtubers: Brit + Con

Brit + Con is a breath of fresh air. They are a young Military couple who vlog and create video content about the daily struggles of military life like surviving a military relationship, marriage, deployment and pcsing. Brittani is a full- time content creator while Connor serves in Active Duty Navy. They are currently stationed in Washington State. Click HERE to learn more about their channel. 

Military Youtubers: The Nestleroads

This faith based Military family is all about the family feels. Deejea, her active duty Air Force husband Michael and two kids are currently stationed in Louisiana. You can often find them vlogging their adorable family adventures, offering faith based encouragement, military life topics and homeschooling.Click HERE to learn more about their channel. 



Military Youtubers: The Dependas

The Dependas (Michelle and Lauren-Active Duty Military Spouses) are shout at the TV good content. This Milspouse Duo says everything out loud that Military Spouses are thinking to themselves therefor deeming them our heroes. Although their video chats are short, they are just what you need to survive the day (or night) with a good laugh. They find the funny in military life topics like PCSing and Deployments but they also chat with other Military Spouses who are positively impacting our community. Click HERE to learn more about their channel. 


Who’s your favorite Military Youtuber? Leave your honorable mention below!

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