It’s no secret! Human Resource offices in companies everywhere run the other way when they hear “Military Spouse”. Spouses of Service members have everything from gaps in employment to complete changes in career path. We may have worked at Starbucks one year and as a bank teller the next. Our resumes for sure leave companies dizzy, confused and even scratching their heads. Even if we are qualified by educational standards, our resumes are being tossed to the side as soon as they land on HR’s desks…they avoid us like a plague.  Despite most recent efforts in Military Spouse Employment, Military spouses are still under-employed by between 12% and 25% according to Senator Tim Kaine. As a proud Military Spouse, I know that this is a huge mistake and something must soon change. Military Spouses are a force to be reckoned with and we’re the ones that companies should want on their team. Here are 9 Reasons To Hire A Military Spouse Immediately!


9 Reasons to Hire Military Spouses

Reasons to Hire A Military Spouse Immediately :


Reason 1 to Hire A Military Spouse: Military Spouses MULTITASK

Military spouses have skills for days and one of them is multitasking. We are the backbone of the Military family and most days are filled with requirements of doing multiple things at once. Military Spouses are parents who tend to our kid’s needs, we make sure that our service members are squared away. We often give our hearts and souls to volunteer work in the Military community, we run FRGs. Late in the night instead of sleeping, we stay awake to perfect business plans while making lunches and doing laundry. We juggle it ALL!

Reason 2 to Hire A Military Spouse: Military Spouses are SUPPORTIVE

If there’s one thing a Military Spouse knows how to do, its support our service members. Military Spouses are willing to go the extra mile and take on the extra tasks to ensure that our service members are able to serve at their best. We are front and center during the long and hard days, for every award, for every high and low and are ready to uplift and encourage them during the hard and long see- you- laters. What company wouldn’t want that kind of support on their team?

Reason 3 to Hire A Military Spouse: Military Spouses ADAPT

Military Spouses are like the Kings and Queens of adaptation. We know that every 18 months to three years, we will pack up our homes, families and careers and ship off to somewhere new. With strength and understanding, we pick up all the pieces and begin our lives again. We rise to the occasion of change and thrive under pressure. Companies need Military Spouses because change and adaptation is in our DNA. At all times, we are ready to try something new and shake things up for growth and elevation…which could be to the benefit of companies.

Reason 4 to Hire A Military Spouse:Military Spouses are Educated

Not a single spouse I know sits home doing NOTHING. Military Spouses are hustlers and lead their families with intellect and wisdom. Military Spouses have anywhere from trade skills to PHDs. While both employed and unemployed respectively, Military Spouses take it upon themselves to elevate through higher education. We are doctors, lawyers, writers, and nurses. Some of us aspire to serve in the political world no longer standing around and waiting for changes to be made for us.  We’re leaders of our classes and we outperform our soldiers in degrees in many cases. Military Spouses are fierce examples of what it looks like to keep striving and overcoming obstacles. Yet companies question our dedication!

Reason 5 to Hire A Military Spouse:Military Spouses Understand Deadlines

The land of the free and the home of the hurry up and wait! A Military Spouse knows what it feels like to get moment’s notice about some of life’s biggest changes. We have a sense of urgency because we know that anything can change at any moment and we also have a “Get Things Done” mentality. When given the chance, we hit the ground running! This is very reason that we are so successful at running FRG’s, getting involved, planning for that surprise move and having something to bring to our spouse’s last minute functions and events. We know that time waits for no one and we’re efficient at making the most of the time we do have.

Reason 6 to Hire A Military Spouse:Military Spouses are Creative and Innovative

 Don’t believe me? Ask a Milspouse that had to remove melted crayon from carpet before a PCS housing inspection. Military Spouses are darn near genius in the creative sector. Because of our lifestyles, we are constantly thinking of new ways to be creative and innovative to make our lives much easier or enjoyable. Everywhere I turn, I see brilliant minds in entrepreneurship. I see spouses who create apps to solve problems, spouses who take scraps and make beauty, and I see spouses who birth businesses out of passion. Military Spouses are GOLD and companies don’t even bother to mine…

Reason 7 to Hire A Military Spouse:Military Spouses know how to Lead and Follow

Military spouses know how to lead with strength and dignity. However, we also know how to be follow. We know that there will be times that we’ll need to step up to the plate, roll up our sleeves and get things done. Other times, we show up willing and ready to support others with common goals because we know that we are #StrongerTogether. We know when to implement and advocate for new ideas and when to join forces and create change in a group. Like the flip of a switch we can go from leading our households to letting our soldiers reintegrate and take the reins.

Reason 8 to Hire A Military Spouse:Military Spouses are Powerhouses in Advocacy 

Once we find a project or cause that resonates with our souls, we are relentless in our strides toward change. As Military spouses, we pour our souls into working for the greater good of our communities. It is that same tenacious spirit that shows everyone that we can and will be successful at doing whatever it is we touch.

Reason 9 to Hire A Military Spouse:Military Spouses are masters of Building A Network

When Military Spouses come together, we build the world’s strongest network. We create lifelong relationships with those who are likeminded and strong willed. We have connections that span all corners of the globe and “Know” someone in every sector be it in person or as cyber besties.

And if you’re still not convinced…. YES, we are proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel

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  1. I love this! You are so right! I hold Executives positions as a volunteer on post. I am educated and yet I still can get hired for a good paying position in my field. Thank you for writing about this!

  2. I love this list! With all the moves and the changing of jobs, its easy to feel like you aren’t worth as much as the civilian that stays put for a lifetime…au contraire! And I love the last sentence of this post, lol!

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